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Garage Door Opener Repairs - San Jose, CA

Is your garage door opener not working properly? If yes then it is time to get your door opener checked. The root cause of most garage door problems is a faulty garage door opener. These parts are complex especially the more technically advanced and contemporary ones. Their functioning and mechanism can therefore be understood only by an expert who has been providing garage door opener repair services in this field for years.

San Jose Home Garage Doors is professional service provider specializing in a range of garage door service such as repair, installation, replacement and maintenance. We also provide garage door opener repair, roller replacement, cable installation and other repair and replacement services related to different all garage door parts.

There are various brands of garage door openers available in San Jose. But, they all fall under the category of three main kinds of garage door opener:

  • The Belt Drive
  • The Chain Drive
  • The Screw Drive

There are significant differences among these three types of drives, but overall, their working parts are similar. They all have remote access devices and receivers- a warning device or sensor that can detect objects in the path of the garage, and a control button that allows you to operate the door from inside the garage.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Regardless of the type of garage door opener in your home, there are some garage door opener repair procedures that are common to all variants. They are based on the most common garage door opener repair problems that you could encounter. When facing such garage door opener repair issues it is advised that you give us a call. Our experts are specially trained to handle issues pertaining to different parts.

Our professionals are knowledgeable about the different garage door opener repair parts, their functioning and their relative importance and are capable of providing quality garage door opener repair services regardless of the variant used by you.

How to Cross Check the Garage Door Working First

Use the emergency release cord to observe the movement of your door. Sometimes, a problem with the door movement may be a result of a faulty garage door opener, damaged tracks, broken springs or the rollers, and not the opener. Make sure to check this before you proceed to garage door opener repairs.

  • Test the remote and the wall switch: You can check the wall switch by unscrewing one wire and touching the other terminal with it. If it runs, the wall switch needs to be replaced. As for the remote, check the batteries and if they are working well, check whether or not the receiver needs to be replaced.
  • Check the safety sensors: The sensors could be misaligned or damaged. If the lights are not on, it is time to replace them, but if they are, you may just need to check the alignment.
  • Check the gear: It is possible that the garage door may have stopped moving even when the motor is functioning properly because the main drive gear may have been damaged. You can get this part replaced by calling and placing a service request with us at San Jose Home Garage Doors.
  • Safety tip: Most garage door openers are electric, so make sure you unplug the garage door opener to avoid electrocuting yourself during the repairs. Also, do not forget to close the door while repairing the part to ensure that it does not falls on anyone or anything. However, it is always recommended to leave this task to professionals, as they can handle it perfectly.

Apart from providing quality garage door repairs in San Jose, we also stock and sell quality garage door opener repair parts. Customers can also contact us to get their garage door opener inspected and maintained and we assure them that all their garage door opener repair and garage door opener parts will be thoroughly checked.


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